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1 point

but the thing with what you just said was but. if you think it is artistic then it should not be juded? right?

1 point

that is very offensive just because someone has more tattoos. does not mean they are worse of a person. also when speaking of a tattoo. i would only get a tattoo if it meant something to me just because they are bigger does not mean they mean any less

1 point

it's there decision not mine i dont want an std so i would not permit it to happen to me. so i figure why not let other people have sex. it is not any of my buisness.

2 points

I think they should not because they set up stereotypes for younger children that younger kids want to meet.

1 point

They should have to unless of course they have to use medical marujuana as to become healthy. but yes they should have to take them just because we do not want our good money being wasted on people who do not deserve it.

1 point

while yes i believe that many highschool students want tattoos. i also believe that we are to young to understand what we want. all of the hormones and everything that equals out our bodies are always going to make us want something. and whether thats a tattoo or to have free rein. getting a tattoo when you are under the impression that it is not going to look cool in the future, is not a proper way to get a tattoo. if the parent feels it is not right when they are under the age of 18 they should notbe allowed to get them

1 point

if they are wanting us to bring more books to class then just one, then why do they not let us bring our backpacks, so we are allowed to carry more books. also when discussing how far away our classes are in my case we are very far away. i have class on the bottom floor then I have to walk to the top then to the bottom again and then back up again so in a sense this no backpack issue is just making things harder for me when i am trying to get to class in under a certain amount of time.

1 point

while parents want to be friends with their kids they should still accept the responsibility as parents and not give more slack to the children that are in trouble

1 point

i would also add that rape is the unwilling wanting of haveing sexual interactions with anyone that is of the same or opposite sex

1 point

exactly eliminateing backpacks from classrooms doesnt eliminate weapons

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