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 What do you think is rape? (11)

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What do you think is rape?

Many people argue that when a woman is intoxicated that she cannot consent to sexual activity. Some people say that women often change their mind after sexual activity in the face of negative peer pressure and comments. Define rape and explain what constutes it. 

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Rape is when someone (MALE OR FEMALE) is forced (as in, against their will) to have sex with someone and/or something. I say someTHING, too, because rape can be done with any number of things. If a girl doesn't want it in her lady business, or a man doesn't want it on his junk, yet someone is still putting it there against their will, then, yes, that is rape. It is unwanted sexual actions with another person.

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I agree that rape is sex against someone's will. I would also state that rape is any type of forced sexual interaction with another person. Any unwanted touching of body parts could also be considered rape. Whenever someone is forced to do a sexual act against their will I would consider that rape.

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Also, I believe that it should be considered rape if the person cannot definitely say whether they want it or not, such as when intoxicated.

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i would also add that rape is the unwilling wanting of haveing sexual interactions with anyone that is of the same or opposite sex

In my opioion, rape is when one party is forced to do something sexual against their will. It is wrong and gross to force someone to be with a person when they clearly dont want to. People are scarred for a long time after being raped. It can also lead to unplanned pregnancy and the spread of diseases. Innocent people don't need or want to have those peoblems forced upon them. This society needs to learn when to control themselves and learn how to act. Rape is something that no one should have to go through and it hurts many people, in many ways.

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Rape is when a man or women is forced against their will to preform or be in act of sexual contact without giving constent. If a man or women says no it is rape because they havent given constant to the act.

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"Hello, I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC..." Rape is a rather, touchy, subject that feels awkward to write about. I would define rape as a sexual act (3+base kiddos) that is forced to happen, with the victim being the one who didn't want it to happen. The problem that I am finding is that on occasion the act happens with both members consenting and it is then later called rape, which I would find to be total bull. It is then almost impossible to get both sides of the story correct.

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To me, rape is when someone is forced to have sexual intercourse or alike activities. For the statuatory part, Legally, 16 is the age of consent. I belive a 15 year old is aware of what they are participating in. Anyone under the age of 10 having sex, i would consider rape. I dont think someone intoxicated and sleeping around is rape, if you are talking about drunk and passed out, obviously that would be. You should know enough not to get hammered in a situation where you would be vunerable.

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Yes, Rape is obviously when someone is forced to have sex or just sexual relations with someone without thteir content, BUT what doess the government define as rape? There are several cases where it could not tecnically be difined as the rape you all say. Like if a 18 year old boy has sex with a 16 year old girl but they both agree to it. Oops, someone just got raped.

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Thats called statuatory rape. The government says that age 16 is age of consent, but can only sleep with someone less than 24 months older. age 18 you can sleep with a 52 year old and its legally okay.

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I'm just saying that the system is flawed. You just have an example! What could be called debate in a legal sense is messed up.