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Should welfare recipients have to take random drug tests in order to keep getting funding?


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a lot of welfare people are definetly on drugs, so i think the answer is pretty obvious.

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Yes they should. If they are going to be recieving free money, then it should be going to someone who is responsible with their money and they should be trying their darndest to get off welfare and on their own feet. I dont want my money to be going to some drug dealer and help expand their reign through out a town.

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They should. Welfare is meant to help people when they need it most. It's supposed to help people get back on their feet, not fund them for their entire lives. It's great to help out those in need, but when someone is handing them free cash, there should be some proof it is actually going to good use.

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They should have to unless of course they have to use medical marujuana as to become healthy. but yes they should have to take them just because we do not want our good money being wasted on people who do not deserve it.

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People on welfare are on that program because they need help. Welfare is not there to be a catch all for the rest of your life. People who are on this program should be actively trying to find a job and get back on their feet. If people are trying hard to get a job, they should not be doing drugs. Therefore, I think that people should have to take drug tests to recieve their money.

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Yes, because some people on welfare spend their money on drugs instead of things they need, and decide to be lazy and let the government take care of them when they are perfectly capable of working. They are taking away from those who actually need help, and the people supporting these lazy people; the middle class.

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They most certainly should. There are a lot of people out there abusing this program that the government has provided for them. If they're just using it so that they can lie in the gutter for the rest of their lives on government cash and do drugs and whatever else they might be doing, they shouldn't have that priviledge. There are people out there who need welfare, and we don't need drug addicts dirtying it up.

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The SNAP program does not give you a bunch of cash to go buy your meth with, they give you money on a card to buy food with. You can apply for heat assistance and things like that, too. I belive they should need to proove they are trying to get a job, they already have this in place. But i could go apply and never answer the phone when they call about an interview, and just live off the government. Thats a common thing. So I think it should be stronger in place. Drug testing shouldnt be nescecary, unless suspected that is where the money goes.

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