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Should Girls Younger than Thirteen Be Allowed in Beauty Pageants?


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It can allow young ladies to feel confident in themselves. Pageants also are something you have to do a lot of work to do to win. It can give a sense of accomplishment.

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TotallyAJ(12) Disputed
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While those are good points, are they worth all the pressure? Pageant can instill a false sense of what beauty is. It's all based on what someone percieves as physical beauty. And even though winning may be nice for the winner, what about the losers? They end up feeling worthless, not pretty enough, not skinny enough. Pageants tend to promote an insane version of what beauty should be.

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Yes, before the age of thirteen, a child should be able to decide something so minuscule as a pageant. It's just dressing up and getting an award if they win. It doesn't have to get so dramatic like the TV show Toddlers and Tiaras. Small girls should have fun dressing up and showing off to an audience, like their little girl hearts desire.

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Only if they want too not if the parents want them too. .

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Yes, I think that they should! There are some little girls out there that really want to and enjoy being in beauty pageants. Why crush their fun?

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I think they should not because they set up stereotypes for younger children that younger kids want to meet.

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Why should these young girls have to feel like they have to prove something? There still young with their whole life ahead of them. If they want to feel proud of something, go read a 500 page book. Something that actually worth while and not demeaning to girls.

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I think most parents who have their Daughter's do this sort of thing normally only do it for themselves and exploit there children and try and rush them past there pre-teen years.

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Absolutely not.

Beauty pageants are merely a parade of physical arrogance and a well masked prostitution. It displays women like meat on the market and valued only for their bodies and a laughable attempt to hide their idiocy. And I havent included the stressful backstage which is full of contestants trying to bring down their rivals with anything that can affect their self esteem.

It is harmful for the real useful women of the society because they start to become insecure of themselves and think that they should act like those Bimbos

It is harmful for men because they start to believe that those are the "perfect woman"


Will really you expose the children to this game of vanity?

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