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1 point

I'm just saying that the system is flawed. You just have an example! What could be called debate in a legal sense is messed up.

2 points

Why should these young girls have to feel like they have to prove something? There still young with their whole life ahead of them. If they want to feel proud of something, go read a 500 page book. Something that actually worth while and not demeaning to girls.

1 point

Why? That's all I have to ask. Why does it need to be. If your mom doesn't want you to get a tatoo when you're 14 then your life is over? Why would you have a need for a tatoo when your a teenager? There is no point that I see that is valid. None. At. All.

1 point

This is what it all boils down to... the repulicans have only been in the background have it all with their debates about Obamacare. Sure every now and then they had a big argument about it but now that it has gone into effect everyone is all PO'd and trying to change it now. WHY? it's all over with! It's passed!

1 point

What people use the internet for is there problem. It is the biggest text book in the world and it is also the biggest adult movie store. There are a lot of things on the internet and it is used for multiple things from deviant art to redit.

1 point

Yes, Rape is obviously when someone is forced to have sex or just sexual relations with someone without thteir content, BUT what doess the government define as rape? There are several cases where it could not tecnically be difined as the rape you all say. Like if a 18 year old boy has sex with a 16 year old girl but they both agree to it. Oops, someone just got raped.

2 points

I think it is the republicans fault in this problem. The bill has already passed and they did all they could to stop it but it still went through and now all they to do is whine and moan about and cause all of this drama in Washington when they can't do anything about it.

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