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Should internet use be censored?

Should the internet in its entirety be censored? Should some webpages and/or content be taken down?

Yes it should

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No it shouldn't

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I believe that internet use should be censored, but I believe that the censoring should be done at home. Parents should be watching what their children do on the computer at home. There are plenty of things a child could find on the internet that is definitely not appropriate.

Side: Yes it should
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The Internet is a source of information. This being said, information should not be stifled. If we censor certain things, other things are lost. An example is our own school, which blocks certain websites; certain very helpful websites for some classes cannot be accessed. If the Internet was censored, then we would have a much more difficult time finding necessary information.

Side: No it shouldn't

I dont think the internet should be censored. When in school, if you are trying to research a project, getting blocked from some websites that may help your research is frustrating. If the interent wasnt censored then your research and project would go some much more smoothly.

Side: No it shouldn't
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What people use the internet for is there problem. It is the biggest text book in the world and it is also the biggest adult movie store. There are a lot of things on the internet and it is used for multiple things from deviant art to redit.

Side: No it shouldn't