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I think prosititution should be legalized. It will help our economy and boost money flow through out the nation.

Yes they should. If they are going to be recieving free money, then it should be going to someone who is responsible with their money and they should be trying their darndest to get off welfare and on their own feet. I dont want my money to be going to some drug dealer and help expand their reign through out a town.

I dont think the internet should be censored. When in school, if you are trying to research a project, getting blocked from some websites that may help your research is frustrating. If the interent wasnt censored then your research and project would go some much more smoothly.

In my opioion, rape is when one party is forced to do something sexual against their will. It is wrong and gross to force someone to be with a person when they clearly dont want to. People are scarred for a long time after being raped. It can also lead to unplanned pregnancy and the spread of diseases. Innocent people don't need or want to have those peoblems forced upon them. This society needs to learn when to control themselves and learn how to act. Rape is something that no one should have to go through and it hurts many people, in many ways.

i think parents are worried about becoming to close to their children because they think they will lose their position of feeling in control of them. parents like to know what their children are doing and have a say in their choices.

Backbacks allow for quicker movement in between classes so we arent late to our next class.

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