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1 point

I don't think schools should be allowed to ban books. If a school is unhappy about a book, just don't order it! Families should teach their children about what books match their morals. A student should be smart enough to only read books that interest them. A student should know well enough to not read a book that makes them uncomfortable. If a school bans books, these sheltered kids will go to a job or college and they will be thrown into a big, dirty world and they will have no idea what to do. They will be confused with all of the kissing, swearing, PDA, and other things that go on in the real world. Are schools supposed to get kids ready for the real world, or should they shelter them and make them extremely unprepared for life?

14mlehmkuhl(11) Clarified
1 point

What do you mean? Be more specific. I am confused by your statement and I don't know what you are referring to.

1 point

I agree. If a student was going to try to carry a weapon into a classroom, they will find another way to transport it. Not having a backpack WILL NOT STOP a person with the intent to carry a weapon. A large purse, coat, sweat shirt, or bag will carry a weapon as well as a backpack will.

1 point

99.99% of students put their backpacks under their desk or on their chair. When you do this, you WILL NOT trip over a backpack. A teacher could simply tell the students to not put the backpacks in the aisles. Schools are too afraid to tell students that they don't want backpacks just because of the threat of weapons. Schools are not being honest with the student body about this. They don't actually care about the health concerns that could come along with a heavy backpack, they just make it appear that way so they can stop worrying about weapons. But as I explained earlier, this is a flawed idea.

2 points

I don't believe that republicans are the ones at fault. They don't agree with the bill and the democrats are refusing to negotiate. If the democrats would simply step off of their high horse and negotiate the government wouldn't need to shut down for any length of time.

2 points

I agree that rape is sex against someone's will. I would also state that rape is any type of forced sexual interaction with another person. Any unwanted touching of body parts could also be considered rape. Whenever someone is forced to do a sexual act against their will I would consider that rape.

1 point

Parents are definitely too worried about being friends with their children. Parents think that they need to be "cool" in order to have their kids like them. When a parent tries to become too close to their kids, they become a smothering parent. When a child becomes smothered, they soon forget (or fail to learn) how to operate on their own.

3 points

Just because the school staff has concerns about one particular student carrying a weapon into the building, the entire student body should not be punished. Backpacks are allowed into the building each day, they just aren't allowed to go into classrooms. A weapon could still be carried onto the premises. All a student would have to do is ask to go to their locker and then they could grab the weapon. Eliminating backpacks will not solve the problem.

1 point

Backpacks should be allowed in school because not everyone has time to run to their lockers in between every class. With the use of a backpack you can carry two or more subjects with you, eliminating the major hurry between classes.

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