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RSS SarahD

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1 point

Yes, before the age of thirteen, a child should be able to decide something so minuscule as a pageant. It's just dressing up and getting an award if they win. It doesn't have to get so dramatic like the TV show Toddlers and Tiaras. Small girls should have fun dressing up and showing off to an audience, like their little girl hearts desire.

1 point

Yes, because some people on welfare spend their money on drugs instead of things they need, and decide to be lazy and let the government take care of them when they are perfectly capable of working. They are taking away from those who actually need help, and the people supporting these lazy people; the middle class.

1 point

People under age may not realize that the tattoo is something they have to live with forever, and they may only want it because it's cool and their friends have one. If they get one, and then ten years later, they may realize that it's harder to get a job.

1 point

Books that have their own opinions should not be banned. There are reports where a book supporting Communism has been banned, but I believe that it is their belief in government, and therefor people should be allowed to read it in schools.

2 points

The Internet is a source of information. This being said, information should not be stifled. If we censor certain things, other things are lost. An example is our own school, which blocks certain websites; certain very helpful websites for some classes cannot be accessed. If the Internet was censored, then we would have a much more difficult time finding necessary information.

2 points

Also, I believe that it should be considered rape if the person cannot definitely say whether they want it or not, such as when intoxicated.

1 point

Parents should only be slightly friends with their children, enough to have that obvious trust, but I believe they should keep actual "friendship" on the down low, so to keep their child more comfortable around their peers rather than adults in their child to teenage years.

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