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1 point

Yes, it should be. Legalizing it would give way to government regulation, almost entirely doing away with the problem of STDs. It would also be a great way to earn tax revenue for the government! Furthermore, for those in prostitution, it would allow them to get out of the business, since it would only be able to take place in licensed businesses (modern day brothels).

1 point

While those are good points, are they worth all the pressure? Pageant can instill a false sense of what beauty is. It's all based on what someone percieves as physical beauty. And even though winning may be nice for the winner, what about the losers? They end up feeling worthless, not pretty enough, not skinny enough. Pageants tend to promote an insane version of what beauty should be.

0 points

If everyone had such a problem with it, how was it ever passed in the first place? If the American people truly didn't want it, then it's their elected officials' faults for not voting in their favor. Which means that the Republicans are even more at fault for abandoning their peoples' viewpoints. Which, to their credit, is compromise, in a form. Furthermore, of course the ACA will have problems- every new plan does. Kinks will inevidably need to be worked out. But right now, we can't say for sure whether or not it is a good or a bad thing. Only time will tell whether or not the ACA is worth it.

1 point

They should. Welfare is meant to help people when they need it most. It's supposed to help people get back on their feet, not fund them for their entire lives. It's great to help out those in need, but when someone is handing them free cash, there should be some proof it is actually going to good use.

0 points

Obamacare is already law, so there is nothing to compromise on! They already passed it! It's done and overwith. It wasn't even enacted until today, so all of the Republicans' complaining about how it's 'destroying businesses and peoples' livelihoods' is unjustified because it hasn't even been enacted yet! Like I said, it just started today.

1 point

I think it's a good idea for them to be. Parents who are friends with their kids are in a better position to help them because their children feel more comfortable talking to them. Parents who maintain a purely authoritarian relationship with their kids are more likely to have kids who hide things from them and do things behind their backs. Kids should be comfortable talking to their parents about their troubles.

1 point

The Democrats backed the bill, yes. BUT! It WAS passed into law through our congress in 2009. That means that it got the majority vote. Because of this, IT IS LAW! It can be changed, yes, but until today, it hadn't even gone into effect! So the Republicans were basically mumbling and grumbling about how they lost the batle to kill the ACA (Affordable Care Act; aka Obamacare) so much that they refused to talk about anything else.

3 points

Rape is when someone (MALE OR FEMALE) is forced (as in, against their will) to have sex with someone and/or something. I say someTHING, too, because rape can be done with any number of things. If a girl doesn't want it in her lady business, or a man doesn't want it on his junk, yet someone is still putting it there against their will, then, yes, that is rape. It is unwanted sexual actions with another person.

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