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RSS VoidLegacy

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1 point

WHY DOES THIS GO BOTH WAYS? Its more of an opinon, learn how to pick "perspectives" debates. Its in human nature practically to judge someone at first sight. This isn't necessarily a bad thing unless acted upon.

1 point

Honestly it depends more on the context of who would be getting the augmentation, how old they are, and what they want to get. Personally, I don't like seeing someone who has more than one or two face piercings and a large visible tattoo. What would be the suggested age to have it lowered to?

1 point

"Hello, I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC..." Rape is a rather, touchy, subject that feels awkward to write about. I would define rape as a sexual act (3+base kiddos) that is forced to happen, with the victim being the one who didn't want it to happen. The problem that I am finding is that on occasion the act happens with both members consenting and it is then later called rape, which I would find to be total bull. It is then almost impossible to get both sides of the story correct.

3 points

(Concerns:) Backpacks allow for a wide possiblity of side effects that outweigh carrying around all of your stuff from class to class without going to your locker. There is a real threat of having weapons being carried into schools with 3000+ students by way of backpacks. They allow for an easy place to hide problematic items like guns, drugs, and even too many books. While it is a rather avoidable concern, backpacks being too heavy can also be considered an issue. Avoiding large scale catastrophies in school are what the makers of this rule are concerned with.

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