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RSS EmeryD

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2 points

Yes i would. But that doesnt mean ill judge them in a bad way. We all judge people for whatever they do. Just because you have a tattoo doesnt mean your a bad person it just means you wanted to express yourself and have something worth meaning to that person.

2 points

How can teenages who's brain isnt fully developed make a big decsion like that? That is something you have to serious think about and decide if its the right thing for you.

1 point

No because a tattoo is a decison that is with you for the rest of your life. You dont want people to decide on a tattoo, get it then regret it a few years later. You want people to have the time to ponder this decison before deciding.

1 point

Rape is when a man or women is forced against their will to preform or be in act of sexual contact without giving constent. If a man or women says no it is rape because they havent given constant to the act.

1 point

Some parents are concerned that not being a friend to your child means you and your child arent close. Some parents try hard to be friends more than being a parent to your child.

1 point

With 3 mintues between classes kids need a backpack to carry their things to class. They need the backpacks because running back and forth to your locker in 3 mintues is too little time for some kids.

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