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As someone who is twice the age of everyone in this class, I think I may have experience on my side. I have many friends who got their "I'm 18!" tattoo, and they now regret it. When you're 16, 17 or 18-- heck, even 20-- you don't know where your life is headed. Getting a arm sleeve or a lip piercing seems cool, but when you're a 23 year old who cannot get a job because your 50 year-old boss doesn't understand your sweet body art. Think carefully.

2 points

There is always the argument that parents know what's best for children, and that certainly is true, in most cases. However, when banning of books starts happening, it probably originated with a parental complaint. Should libraries have pornographic material? Of course not, but no one in their right mind would argue that. If we start banning books, we will turn into the dystopian universe that exists in scary novels like 1984, Fahrenheit 411, The Hunger Games. We're not this place. Let's not end up there.

1 point

So, you think that 20-30 years ago, people were trying to be friendlier with their children? So, your grandparents and your parents behaved more like friends than you and your parents?

1 point

Good argument. The fact that schools allow backpacks in the building is does seem to be out of step with the idea that they could carry weapons in them. If they got them in the building, they don't need them in their backpacks to use them.

1 point

Can you really argue your point in just one sentence? There are a lot of things to consider with the question. What are the real safety concerns? "Controlling the possession of certain items by disallowing them"? What are you saying?

1 point

Why can't you bring more than one book to class? Aren't some of your classes near your locker? Is each class miles from the other? This seems more like an ease issue than a real problem.

2 points

How long does does it take to get to class? Couldn't you carry more than one book with you? Doesn't your school have iPads? Wouldn't all these things make it more effective to NOT have backpacks. Also, do you want to risk the danger of someone bringing a weapon into the building?

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