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2 points

Minimum wage went up every year for three years until 2010, for many people it is not even worth the gas to drive to work.

1 point

The SNAP program does not give you a bunch of cash to go buy your meth with, they give you money on a card to buy food with. You can apply for heat assistance and things like that, too. I belive they should need to proove they are trying to get a job, they already have this in place. But i could go apply and never answer the phone when they call about an interview, and just live off the government. Thats a common thing. So I think it should be stronger in place. Drug testing shouldnt be nescecary, unless suspected that is where the money goes.

0 points

Thats called statuatory rape. The government says that age 16 is age of consent, but can only sleep with someone less than 24 months older. age 18 you can sleep with a 52 year old and its legally okay.

1 point

The democrats have tried negotiating. Plenty of times, on plenty of subjects. Both parties should be trying to compromise rather than "just republicans" or "just democrats"

1 point

I feel equally but swich all the democrat and republicans in your reply.

1 point

I dont think that we should completley shelter the student body until age 18 and throw them out into the world where they use big scary swear words and talk about kissing.

1 point

To me, rape is when someone is forced to have sexual intercourse or alike activities. For the statuatory part, Legally, 16 is the age of consent. I belive a 15 year old is aware of what they are participating in. Anyone under the age of 10 having sex, i would consider rape. I dont think someone intoxicated and sleeping around is rape, if you are talking about drunk and passed out, obviously that would be. You should know enough not to get hammered in a situation where you would be vunerable.

1 point

I think some parents are worried about becoming too "friendly" with their kids. They dont want to be in a position where they would be a "pushover" because they dont want to hurt their child's feelings. Or it looks bad.

But some parents are too much of a friend rather than a parent, let their kids run around and have them talk all about it and dont do anything when they hear 15 year old jimmy is out drinking with their friends.

1 point

Which bill? Who doesnt like it? If you are talking about obamacare, and congress? The republicans in congress will do anything to not agree with Obama. If obama suggest we try to breathe in more air, most of congress would be hospitalized. Congress chose a shut down over compromising.

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