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1 point

I believe that it should because students who cheat often do not stop after one time. Chronic cheating is a problem and shouldn't be ignored.

1 point

People on welfare are on that program because they need help. Welfare is not there to be a catch all for the rest of your life. People who are on this program should be actively trying to find a job and get back on their feet. If people are trying hard to get a job, they should not be doing drugs. Therefore, I think that people should have to take drug tests to recieve their money.

1 point

I agree. Most of the books on the banned book list are banned because of some of the words they contain. Just because a book contains a word that may not be acceptable anymore, doesn't mean that we should completely disregard it. That was how life was in the time period the book was written in. We just need to make sure if these books are read in school, we explain the parts that may be an issue.

1 point

I believe that internet use should be censored, but I believe that the censoring should be done at home. Parents should be watching what their children do on the computer at home. There are plenty of things a child could find on the internet that is definitely not appropriate.

1 point

I think parents are very worried about being friends with their children. They don't want to be left out of their lives, and they feel like the only way to be included is to allow their children as much freedom as possible. This can cause problems in such ways that their children won't know what discipline is. Lack of discipline will make life harder for them in the future.

1 point

The argument about the health concerns for our backs is not very valid. I had classes last year that I had to bring mulitple books to because I didn't have time to make it back to my locker before the next class started. I never had 40 pounds of books on my back. The max was probably about 20. Lockers are very helpful, but in a school that has muliple levels, banning backpacks is not a good idea.

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