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RSS 14tswisse

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0 points

no if the minimum wage was raised, wages would go up across the board. it has happened before and it accomplishes nothing. also people wrking at minimum wage are not working very hard.

1 point

the more tattoos a person have the worse they are. small little tattoos that maybe have a meaning i dont think bother me much.

1 point

a lot of kids get into a lot of trouble becasue of how much freedom their parents give them. a lot of parents do this so that their children hold them in high regards. its proably ok to be close to your children but discipline is an important part of parenting to keep kids in line

2 points

a lot of welfare people are definetly on drugs, so i think the answer is pretty obvious.

1 point

a lot of young people are denied jobs because of their piercings and tatoos. employers stereotype people with tatoos and piercings as bad people. if this is right or not i dont know but it happens, so why should we let younger and younger kids get tatoos and piercings, they could very well miss out on oppurtunities they otherwise would have had.

2 points

a government shutdown does not occur over all democratic bills, so if the government chose shutting down over compromising over obamacare, obviously the bill is not that great.

1 point

people can still easily carry items in other places besides backpacks

1 point

we have few books on our ipads so they do not save time running between classes

2 points

less time running to lockers makes students earlier to classes

1 point

the democrats are the one that made the bill that no one likes so they are at fault

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