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Yes. It's only human nature to judge other people. Judging always happens in every single person wether you like it or not. But! Judging someone does not have to be a negative thing either. I can look at someone's tattoo and think "Oh! That's so artist!".

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Books are a great gateway for knowledge. They provide a broad variety of information from a great number of veiwpoints. What knowledge and veiwpoints that students want to learn and take sides with should be up to the students themselves and not a "higher athority" such as the school. It's a basic right to have a personal opinion.

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Tripping in the aisle on a back can be a saftey issue. I see where their action came from because before the ban there were always loads of backpacks piled up near the desks. Tripping on one is not a hard thing to do.

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The school has legitimate concerns to saftey and controlling the possesion of certain items by disallowing them.

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